who is she

how did they manage to photograph this ghost

it appears that tiny Mia has made a friend, giant Payton…

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"but what if that isn’t her" you really expect me to believe that two different people are harping on someone for this at the same time? Also, they type the same way. Perfect syntax throughout. 

If it goes in a can and it smells, well, you can see where I’m going with this

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Black Floofball with eyes.

Soot sprite

always reblog this cat.

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As American as apple pie. 
Anonymous asked: To you it might just be a game but for the 20 or so employees of Pixelberry it's more than that. It's a roof over their head, food on their tables and you are robbing them of that, by instructing other people how to cheat this small company out of money, you are ruining the fandom you claim to love. You have a lot of influence on tumblr amongst the fandom and you're telling all of them to do this, shame on you. If the company goes broke and the game ends, it's all on you.




Yes. I will take full responsibility for a company going bankrupt.

This is literally the most ridiculous thing ever. It’s literally a fight over nothing. I’m one person and I shouldn’t have influence over anyone. I deleted that post and now it’s up to the few people that reblogged it to delete it.

Hi brookebyhercover! I see you remembered to go on anon this time. 

It’s funny because her header says, “Don’t judge” and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Lol it’s not me but I completely agree with what this person is saying. Oh and thanks for pointing that out, I’ll take it down.

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Anonymous asked: Hey how do you time cheat up without it going in detention mode???




Open the app and make sure it’s running where you can see your school. Exit the app and change the date, but make sure not to go to the next day or else it’ll know you’re cheating. I got a three minute detention because I didn’t know that and it caught me. Go back to the app, and since it never should have restarted, you’ll open it back on your school with no loading screen and it should now be on the new time. Just make sure the app doesn’t restart or else you’ll get detention. My app restarted once and I got a half an hour detention.

But I don’t know how to go back to your original time without getting caught. I got a two hour detention for that. Just make sure you have NO TIMERS GOING AT ALL when you set it back because if you get detention, your timers will go for a few days. When I got a half hour detention, my party went to five days, my books and date were three days, and luckily I wasn’t doing a quest so that wasn’t affected. But I cheated through those lol. When I set my time back when I was all done, with no timers going so they weren’t affected, and even though the app didn’t restart, I got a two hour detention. But I took a nap and woke up when it was done so it was fine lol.

What do you mean by change the date and not go to the next day?

I meant time lol oops

Cheating AND you are telling other people how to do it too? Wow.

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